Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brother Ali-Walking Away

Music can be a lot of things. A song that is uncomfortably honest doesn’t sound like it could easily be a jam, but “Walking Away” is that and more. It tiptoes the line of too much information, with Brother Ali spitting lines that you would think he would only tell his closest kin, but that is why this song is so unique. Ali allows his listeners an incredible glimpse into his life, something much deeper than the facade of closeness that the average fan gets from Twitter and Facebook. The mellow beat drops immediately, not hinting that the upcoming song is going to be an intimate look into a failed relationship. Brother Ali then spits his verses with a nonchalant calmness, one that conveys a mind at peace, and each hard-hitting line combines great lyricism with a technical precision that few rappers out can match. A helluva story on top of a baby butt smooth beat, this jamandahalf shines in a way that few others do. 


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