Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Letter To Aloe Blacc

Dear Mr. Blacc,  

First off, “I Need A Dollar” is one of my favorite songs, ever. I’ve played it countless times, taught it in my English classes, have sang the chorus and verses randomly pop into my head, have shared it with all my friends… But past that song, I’ve never given you a real shot. I gave Good Things a listen-through a while back but after such a brilliant introduction like “I Need A Dollar” I expected a game changer and I was honestly, well, underwhelmed.  

But Mr. Blacc, after giving Good Things the second listen to it thoroughly deserved, my mind changed completely. The album is full of songs that capture the fleeting beauty of life: the flash of a smile, the mundane moments spent with loved ones, the optimism of a new day. Musically the album glistens. Taking cues from the 70's while never sounding trite, you follow in a long line of memorable and meaningful R&B. With tough guitar licks and pounding rhythms taking turns with mellow moods and sage advice, you are never afraid to mix it up, and even take cues from your past, breaking into raps from time to time-each time making a point and showing off, just a little. Good Things has been the soundtrack to my past few nights and the foreseeable future. Looking forward to your next album, and this time I'll be ready.  


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