Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Sean feat. Mike Postner-Who Knows

Back in the day, unless you were from the city/state of an artist, it was often hard to track their progression from unknown to made. Today it's much easier. From Twitter and blogs to Hype Machine, the trajectories of artists, both those who make it big and those who crash and burn, are visible to the wider world. It's exciting to come across someone who you know has that "it" factor before most of the world knows about them. Exciting hearing people talk about a song that you were bumping months ago. Although the internet has at times seemingly outpaced demand with a unceasing amount of new music, it's also allowed music lovers the world over to "discover" and follow artists much before most catch on.

One such artist is Big Sean. After an eternity of putting out mixtapes, Big Sean's debut recently dropped. And although I haven't given it a full listen through, it immediately brought me back to this jam, which apparently I've had since April 2009. Sporting the now famous Big Sean flow, the talent is immediately recognizable. While it's impossible to point to one thing about this song that makes it a jamandahalf, and to be honest, nothing about it is that amazing, somehow it just works. Lazy rivering along, Big Sean works his way through his verses on his own time. The beat isn't that special. Mike Posner hops on the chorus with his trademark rasp, but it's just another Posner chorus. But with music there is no magical checklist that makes a song a jam. Taken individually, nothing on this one sparkles; put them together and for some reason its a jamandahalf. "Who Knows" is a song infused with doubt and self questioning by Big Sean. Two years before his debut, Big Sean has neither 0s in his bank account or pretty lady friends, but he was doing something he loved, pushing until he made it. Above all, this song just vibes well. An honest look at where he's been, his faults, and where he's going, Big Sean's doubts seem long gone now, now that he's officially made it.

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Big Sean Who Knows ft. Mike Posner

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