Thursday, July 21, 2011

Washed Out-A Dedication

Washed Out's new album is either brilliant or nonsensical. He's either a genius or a warmed-over Enya from Georgia with hair on his chest. Chill wave is either the next big thing in music or a bunch of hipster crap. Within And Without is an album that you'll either love or hate; I think it's great.

"A Dedication" is the perfect kick your feet up summer jam. Washed Out starts with a lazy piano loop, adds some humid static and haunting vocals on top of it, and lets it build. Slowly. Like a big Gator sunning itself on a hot summer north Florida day, Washed Out is in no hurry to go anywhere too fast with this one. When the lethargic horns finally make their entrance they just put the jam in cruise control on a one way trip somewhere far away in sleepy head land. Washed Out has come a ways since he was making jams in his bedroom, but he never loses sight of where he came from, continuing to push the genre he help start.

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Washed Out A Dedication

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