Thursday, December 24, 2009

Steel Pulse - Man No Sober

Yooooooooooooooo its been too long since I reached out to all you good people through the blogosphere, but this is the beginning of a new season and a fresh start. One of the things that I believe JamandaHalf stands for is diversity. The more types of music you listen to the bigger your world becomes and that is why I am so upset. There is not a single reggae song on these pages...and it makes me sick. Which is the reason I turn to an all time classic roots group and SD favorite: Steel Pulse.

The legendary band out of Birmingham, England has been an inspirational force in the reggae world since they formed in 1975 known best for their politically intelligent subject matter and super irie-funky flavor.  Powered by lead singer David Hinds the Pulse simply puts on one of he greatest shows music has to offer, as a large portion of San Diego and I know from experience many times over. While not one of their most famous jams, 
Man No Sober is a track that embodies the spirit of Steel Pulse. To construct a critical piece of social commentary while laying down some of the thickest licks around is an everyday thang to a group that has been doin it for decades. The band paints a window of connection to the world in which they live and let the rest of us get up and dance to it. This is what it takes to truly harness the power of music allowing people a glimpse into faraway lands. So crank it up and enjoy!!

That being said diversity is all the more reason to get involved, send us your favorite tunes and expand all of our minds no matter who you are.  Send us something that makes a difference in your life and we will get to see your world too 

Download Here


  1. Check this version:

  2. Wow super funky version my man that was great!!! Catchin Steel Pulse live is the only way to do it such a unified sound it comes through so full and vibrant. Thanks so much friend.


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