Friday, December 25, 2009

Outkast - Player's Ball

Ahhh I would like to welcome all of you fine folk to a special christmas edition of JamandaHalf, and in the spirit of the holiday season I wanted to grant you all some musical knowledge that some may already know.  Not all christmas music blows!! I know for some this is a shocking development, and in the past I didnt think it was possible, but music comes in more shapes and styles than you can dream up and thus I was introduced to my first christmas song JamandaHalf.

Now many of you Im sure have come to appreciate Player's Ball for the fire that it truly is.  The 1994 release of the single marked Outkast's maiden voyage into the hip hop mainstream and the rest is history.  However, while it is common knowledge that the easy rolling flows and infectious chorus can get any party movin, it is not as widely known that the track was originally recorded for the LaFace Records Christmas album.  At first glance the song is a jam in any season, but as you look deeper the references are clear.  Jingling bells, snow boots, egg nog, and the rest of a chritmas feast (minus the ham hocks of course).  Check the lyrics as you listen for a more spherical perspective.

And thus one of my all time favorite tracks was really a christmas jam in disguise making my hipocritical hatred of christmas music both ignorant and unintelligent.  So now that Ive learned my lesson teach it back to me a few times over, post up any of your favorite holiday songs, or anything else for that matter...

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