Sunday, December 27, 2009

Manu Chao-Desaparecido & Rumba De Barcelona

First off want to thank everyone for being such loyal readers this year...This blog is just a little way for Moose and I to talk about the music we love and have a little fun, and we appreciate all the love that we've gotten...Merry Xmas to all

For long time readers of this blog (all of the past couple months hehe), this next artist will be very familiar. Manu Chao comes back around one mo gin, bringing you the funky sound of when cultures intertwine, borders drop, and people come together; I mean, we all like to get a little groovy every now and then, right? And how can you not get groovy to a band that has a dedicated sound effect man? (brrrrrrrrrr, whoooo, weeeee, ayyyyyy, shhhshhhshhh, heyyyy, siiii)

For this jamandahalf, I'm taking a little something off of Manu's newest live album, Bainoarena. Recorded in France at the very tail end of his epic 2008 world tour, Manu and his crew provide nothing but pure energy over the course of the two and a half hour concert. With tens of thousands of young French singing along with each word, and making sure that Manu never stops, the songs sizzle with soul and beat with an infectious pounding. Two of his livliest songs, Desaparecido and Rumba de Barceona, are that much better live. It definitely helps that this guitarrist absolutely shreds, beating out Jimi and the kid on the uke to take the annual "realest shredder this side of teenage mutant ninja turtles" award on congrats chief.  Over 33 of his best songs from his varied past, Manu shows us why he really is one of the world's greatest musicians. Enjoy



  1. Cant nobody "beat" one

  2. hahaha, figured you´d say something about that...yea, after a couple weeks of mulling it over, you´re right...he gets a close second tho


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