Thursday, December 3, 2009

Devin The Dude - Write and Wrong

Honesty is something that resides in all good music, and I think that this is especially true about hip hop. Nothing can kill a rapper quicker than being fake or unbelievable or phony or wack or a poser or whatever you call it, but when you hear it you know.  Im not tryin to say that everything you hear has to come straight from reality, one of the beauties of music is that it allows you to escape and create, but what I am sayin is that its always the best when it comes from the heart.

Honesty is something that my guy Devin does best. Often referred to as "Your Favorite Rapper's Favorite Rapper" Devin is best known for his easy flow, hilarious lyrics, and straight wisdom droppin ability. To his credit he'd be the first to admit that nearly all his raps are about drinkin, smokin, and lookin for somethin to slide into. But thats the beauty of it all, his skill transcends context or content. His wit takes topics that have been dragged through the dirt more times than my kicks and turns them into part satirical gold, part good time listening, and part cold honest truth.

Write and Wrong is what happens when Devin decides to spit about something else. This is a masterpiece critique of not only the roots of hip hop but the sad direction that popular rap is heading, or was beginning to go; this is off Devin's debut album The Dude back in 98. The pride of Houston has been steadily droppin classic hit after classic hit ever since, but partially due to his blunt honesty hes never risen to the popular limelight. A price well paid for keepin it real. As with all raps listen with the lyrics for best effects.

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