Friday, April 29, 2011

Bedouin SoundClash-12:59 Lullaby

I remember when my good buddy Amitch first played this song for me on a post spring-semester roadtrip from LA to Portland. It was one of those songs that from then on I managed to sneak onto every playlist I made for the rest of the ride, but one that retained the magical ability that only a few songs possess-the ability to not get old.

"12:59 Lullaby" is a simple song, but I'm beginning to realize more and more that simplicity is truly at the heart of the best songs. Hauntingly beautiful, this jamandahalf seems to move along at its own pace. The essence of the song is really about this pace, about the passage of time, and appreciating things before they themselves pass. Each time the song ends it sounds like it just began, and it's easy to get caught in waves of repeats with this jam, each time causing you to momentarily lose all sense of time. It's hard to say much about a song like this, one that is both so simple yet could mean so many different things to people. So just take a second and play this gem of a jam.

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