Wednesday, April 27, 2011


While I’m not much of a believer myself, I will never criticize the religious beliefs of others. That being said, it is sometimes pertinent to point out the discrepancies of religion. Religion to me has always been a deeply personal thing, and my beliefs (or lack thereof) are something which I hold dearly. And they, like most things, have changed as I’ve grown. One thing about religion that does bother me is the flash. Although it’s true that some of the most impressive monuments and buildings I’ve been to in the world have been as a result of, or a dedication to, religion, flash seems at odds with the preaching of most religions, which almost universally preach humility in some form. 

Criticism of this flash is at the heart of this jamandahalf from Saigon, simply titled “Preacher.” Saigon took an eternity to release his first album, The Greatest Story Never Told, but the time was spent crafting meticulously plotted-out songs like this one. The song is a critique of Preachers who use their job, as trusted mouthpieces of God, to build fortunes off of those most in need. I remember back in my hometown of Gainesville, Florida, one of the local Preachers had huge billboards posted up all around town and drove around town in the latest model Escalade riding on chrome. While I have no doubt that he did great work and attracted a large audience to his sermons, and while I can’t hate on anyone, anywhere, making an honest living for themselves and their families, humility is something which I do believe is an essential part of the line of work. Whether you agree with me or not, check out this jamandahalf by Saigon who shows off great introspection, dope lyrics, and a necessary message, all wrapped up in a banger of a track. 


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