Friday, April 15, 2011


Semana Santa has officially begun in Spain. A national Spring Break, Semana Santa is week of religious celebrations fueled by sun and lots of cañas (beers). People travel: from small towns to big, from big to small, from towns of all sizes to the beach, as evident by the packed bus that I am on right now. No Spring Break is complete without a soundtrack, and if the same isn't true for Semana Santa (this is my first here for this week), than I’m going to do my damn best to do a little cultural cross pollination of my own.

Justice needs no introduction. The French duo’s first album Cross brought their style of aggressive house to the world, but in the past few years, not many peeps were heard from the two. Perhaps they took a long nap after their US tour (not surprising if you’ve seen their documentary A Cross The Universe), perhaps they felt that the scene was getting too crowded. Maybe they were also tired of hearing D.A.N.C.E everywhere. Whatever their rationale for leaving, they’re back. First heard in the background of an ADIDAS commercial, the full song leaked a little while back, perfect timing to be one of the sounds for Spring Break, I mean, Semana Santa 2011. 


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