Monday, May 30, 2011

Dirty Gold-California Sunrise

The looping guitar in this jamandahalf has a way of sticking with you. It rolls throughout this jam doing its Pacific Ocean impression, coming and going as it pleases.With its slightly melancholic mood and lyrics, it feels just like the coming of summer: full of expectations, but also injected with nostalgia of memories from summers past. Perfectly capturing not necessarily a sound but a vibe, this jam is ideal to welcome in a summer, not one whose sound is this, but one full of lazy days along the beach, kicking it with homies and a soundtrack brought to you by songs like this and the restless ocean. Dirty Gold, three high-school aged guys from San Diego, have really created a magical little song, and whether or not you've ever lived in Cali, I hope this one takes you to a place that's as irie as the beaches of sunny SD.

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Dirty Gold California Sunrise

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