Friday, June 8, 2012

New Feature: JamandaHalf Playlists

The playlist has always been a crucial element in hiphop. I remember when I was a kid I would listen to my local hiphop station Magic 101.3 (or 102 Jams all the way from Orlando if I was feeling adventurous) for hours to hear that new DMX or Cash Money jam, eagerly waiting for the those first few bars to come on to push record. I would listen to those tapes over and over and over and my lyrical knowledge from that era is exceedingly high. I regret none of it.

Music of course has changed, and I now have the discographies of DMX and Cash Money at my fingertips. The playlist is something that has survived though and in some ways is more important now than ever. With so much music out there, playlists are one of the only ways to really sort through the muck. There is something deeply personal as well about a playlist. Listening to a playlist someone made is a little like being part of their world; sharing the jams that help them get through the day.

In this light, a new feature of JamandaHalf is going to be regular playlists, also incorporating one of the greatest changes to the music industry in the last decade: Spotify. I could go on and on about how great Spotify is, but I'll let David Pogue do that instead.

This first playlist is of Southern Crunk. While not the most sophisticated face of Southern Rap (that playlist's still to come) this list showcases some of the rowdiest music that ever came out of the South. I'm using the term "crunk" liberally but my definition is better heard than read. Check out the playlist below and let me know what you guys think! As well, a surprisingly stellar playlist I've come across is this poker hip hop playlist that has a ton of gems on it. Listen to both and let me know what playlist should come next.

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