Sunday, June 3, 2012

Noir Desir and Manu Chao-Le Vent Nous Portera

It's a team effort this time around and Griffdawg begins a regular feature bringing in some of the funkiest cuts that he's picked up during his travels. 

One of the things I love doing most when I meet people is talking to them about music. I even judge people based on what music they enjoy. However, I have discovered that musical preference is not the best identifier of personal character and that many people who like Lady Gaga are actually good people. However, when they tell me that they enjoy listening to her or to Pitbull I can’t help but feel like a need to vomit…on them.

I live right by the French and Spanish border in the Basque Country. Consequently, I am exposed to many things that are French. Lots of which are cool, like the cheese and music. Some things are less cool, like old ladies who go out in matching pink outfits with little rat dogs clothed in sweaters.

One cool French dude named Pedro (I think his name is Piere but we were in Spain …) told me to listen to the band Noir Desir. I decided to take his advice despite the fact that he was riding a unicycle. The band played French punk music from the 1980s-2010 and "Le Vent Nous Portera" (The Wind Will Carry Us) is an uncommonly mellow tune from Noir Desir and was a European hit. This jamandahalf features Manu Chao on guitar and a radical saxophone. Enjoy.

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