Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Very Best feat K'NAAN- We Ok

There are only two email lists I enjoy being on: Travelzoo because for the five minutes I read it I naturally daydream away, picturing myself in each location, and The Very Best's infrequent email blasts. Why? Because each time they email you know it's something special. Today's jamandahalf is the email The Very Best sent out yesterday featuring my favorite song of the summer so far, "We Ok" featuring K'Naan. An uplifting, uproarious, four-and-a-half minute celebration of life, "We Ok" let's us all know that despite dreary days worldwide, there is always one thing you can rely on to make ya feel a little brighter and that's a jam like this one. Whether you are or aren't in one of the many African capitals that K'Naan gives shout outs to (Accra stand up!), turn this up and get your best boogie on. We ok.

Pre-oder their new album Mtmtmk here

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