Friday, August 5, 2011

2Pac-Fight Music

A world of music is available for anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection. Blogs for every genre and subgenre have emerged, with select bloggers holding more and more sway. Infastructure has been built around these blogs, each fueling the other in a symbiotic relationship. It's funny thinking back even a few years how different it was. The guy on the corner near my high school who sold bootleg mixtapes and albums seems like something from another century, as archaic as a horse drawn buggy.

I remember reading the Source or XXL back in day and there was an article about about those hard to find mixtapes. Chris Rock was interviewed about his favorite albums and he talked about a mixtape that mixed some of the best Tupac verses with newer beats; a novel idea at the time. He said "You'd have to go to Harlem or a swap meet to get this one." A few years later, anyone and their mom can get a hold of it from wherever they are in the world, but that doesn't make the music bump any less hard. Over the "Hate Me Now" beat, Pac and Xzibit posthumously trade verses. There's no filler, nothing Hollywood about this one, just a reminder of what was lost when Pac died and Xzibit took rode the Pimp My Ride moneytrain a little too long. Turn this one on and take yourself back a hot minute ago when music was all passed by word of mouth. As Chris Rock put it "It's the best shit in the world. It's ultimate fighting music. You will kill somebody listening to this shit." Take his advice with a grain or shaker of salt, but do enjoy.

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2Pac feat. Xzibit Fight Music

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