Tuesday, August 2, 2011

J.Nolan-Sharpen The Swords

J. Nolan should give a 101 class on how to get noticed.  On how to continue building a brand, a name, a buzz. While my inbox is full of emails from artists and A&Rs asking, sometimes angrily insisting, that I check out their music, a lot of them come off as plain obnoxious. With more !!!!!s than a middle school girl's Facebook, people wrongly think putting stuff in BOLD and CAPS captures attention. Nolan's emails are clean, friendly, and to the point. He makes it easy to listen and download his music. The best thing about it? His music is worth the listen and more than that, worth telling your friends about.

Another great track off of his upcoming Chaos Theory mixtape dropping August 16th, "Sharpen The Sword" has a title which could easily be a metaphor for Nolan himself who has a flow and lyrics that are sharper by the track. Although not a track for the clubs, this track continues to bolster the case of Nolan as a rapper's rapper. Other than that label, which no one would probably object to, "Sharpen The Sword" is Nolan telling the world to not box him in with typical labels, that his body of music, though still relatively small, shouldn't be typecasted.

With a consistency way beyond his years, we're proud and excited that J.Nolan is bringing JamandaHalf along to to be one of the sponsors of Chaos Theory. One of my favorite new rappers, we're going to do everything we can to help Nolan along his journey.

 J.Nolan- Sharpen The Sword(prod. Yung B Da Producer) by manifestmovement

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