Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Case Studies-Lies

I love songs that flip up the script. Half listen to this jamandahalf and it seems like your typical campfire sing-along folk song: a cute story about a guy telling his lady how much he loves her. In reality its a tongue-in-cheek look at relationships, a sarcastic take on the sweet nothings that come expected in relationships.

The set up is perfect. Imitating old westerns to a T, replete with goofy sing alongs and a cheesiness which all of us men have resorted to at some point, this song is perfectly executed. Winking with one eye while giving it their weary all, Case Studies force you to have a what? moment. While I myself have nothing against little nicknames and love-hyperboles, and have to admit to having my fair share (gordita!), I applaud this jam for its begruding honesty.

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Case Studies Lies

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