Tuesday, August 16, 2011

J.Nolan-Chaos Theory Mixtape

Music services like Pandora, Last.fm, and StereoMood, among a ton of others, are based on the principle that whatever music you like, you want to hear more music like that. That we all have our musical tastes, and the new music we are introduced to should share certain qualities with the music we already like. J.Nolan's new mixtape Chaos Theory (sponsored by Jamandahalf.com along with RefinedHype.com and Da-What.com) flips this script. Having built his buzz around being a smart Southern rapper with an North-East flow and an ear for jazzy beats, Nolan immediately comes out of the gates and says that he's much more than that-that he's not a rapper who is just "happy all the time." Chaos Theory comes from a place that's a little darker than his last major project, Broken Dreams, but a place that's also more nuanced, more dynamic.

What hasn't changed is Nolan's quality. Over 19 very solid tracks, he presents a united body of work, a glimpse into the continuously evolving life and mind of Nolan. With a little something for everyone ("No Lies" for the ladies, "Chaos Theory" for his competition, etc) Nolan projects both the continued desire for more with the confidence to know that has what it takes to have a lasting presence. While a departure from Broken Dreams, Chaos Theory isn’t a complete about-face for J; but marks more of a serious step forward. We're really happy to be a small part of this project and are excited to bring you Chaos Theory to you all in full today. Check out two stellar tracks below and his BandCamp page where you can help support great hip-hop with a donation of $3. Or you can download the tape for free here. Read on to see the tracklist. 

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