Tuesday, August 23, 2011

e-dubble feat Kom-My Last Dream

e-dubble has been on his grind. From building an initial buzz by releasing an album quality track every week for a full year to now turning that into maintaining a constant presence on some of the best blogs out there, e-dubble has slowly inched his way to become an artist that you need to know about. I haven't posted his music until now but this one needs to be heard. "My Last Dream" features an incredible sample from "Weighty Ghost" by Winter Sleep and is the perfect intro track for those who aren't familiar with e-dubble. His deep baritone juxtaposes the chill beat with an intense flow, one that hasn't slacked off after years of continuing to push it, and the two rap about the temptation of dreams. While I'm sure he hasn't quite reached his dreams, e-dubble continues to chip away at that mountain in front of him. With tracks like this one, I'm pretty confident he'll get there.

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