Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bob Marley-One Cup of Coffee

The greatest are almost never late bloomers. From modern artists like Nas, to historical greats like Mozart, the true best always seem to not want to wait for the older generation to get out of the way, but begin exploring their prodigious talents as soon as they can. And although most of his defining music came over a decade after this jamandahalf, this song is a young Bob giving a glimpse of later greatness.

"One Cup of Coffee" is not polished nor very intricate; the beat is simple and plodding, the instruments sound a little dull. But there's something about this song that has made it a clear favorite on the great Songs of Freedom collection. Only 17 when this song came out, Bob sings a story well beyond his years about breaking up with the mother of his children, but staying around for one more cup of coffee before he leaves forever. That last cup could have been drank while reminiscing about the good times, or maybe it was drank in awkward silence, Bob never tells us. Tinted with regret, and a melancholy song if there ever was one, Bob's young talent shines, grappling convincingly with such an adult topic. Before there was the Bob Marley that the entire world knows, there was a young man under the pseudonym Bobby Martell trying to make it in a big world. This song was just a sweet taste of things to come. 

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