Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Damu the Fudgemunk-Prosper

People got dope musical knowledge all over, and a reader and friend of Moose's from Switzerland comes through with some underground hip-hop from the Chocolate City, Washington DC itself. Thanks a lot Sina, and keep the jams coming!

As Moose knows, I'm from Switzerland and although I wish I could present you an unbelievably fresh and innovative Swiss band, I’m afraid I’m not doing this just right now (although my brother is working hard on building one himself). So instead I’m writing to you about an American musician that has become one of the most often played artists on my iPod ever since my brother introduced me to his music.

Damu the Fudgemunk is a hip hop music artist and producer from Washington DC. So far I think he’s been mostly working in the underground and is not that big yet, but I might be mistaken. He’s made some projects with MC Insight under the name of "Y Society," produced a few free singles and albums to download online, and recently released his new LP with the slightly provocative and ironical title “How It Should Sound." He’s made a lot of good jams. But my favorite song by him so far is “Prosper” from the Kilawatt EP series, which is a set of EPs that will be released with one producer handling the production duties for each volume.

On Prosper he features the lyrics of MC Raw Poetic from the group Panacea. The song shows Damu’s strength as a sampler and his love for old school elements, while Raw Poetic eases into the track, sits back on the beat, and just lets the lyrics ride on the music. Too bad that as a non-native speaker I don’t really get all the lyrics, but I do like the ones I do understand, like: "Prosper, hopefully you live long like Spok does." All in all, it’s just become one of these songs that I keep on playing over and over again, whether I’m on my way to school, driving to soccer practice, or just hanging around, and I’ve never gotten bored with it so far.


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