Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slick Rick feat. Big Boi-Street Talkin'

Slick Rick’s flow is undoubtedly one of the smoothest in rap history. He strings together words effortlessly; sliding from one to another like he is playing on a jungle gym. With his unique British accent, eyepatch, and gold chains, Slick Rick’s persona is one of a kind, but luckily he backs up the flash with a career that has been as long and as bright as almost anyone out there, with a focus on storytelling and imparting wisdom like only of the originators can. On this jamandahalf he raps over a baby butt smooth beat with Big Boi stopping by, the two creating a helluva jamandahalf.

Two of the best ever on the same track deliver their raps with night and day flows. Slick Rick sounds like he’s  rapping with one eye closed, and on his second verse he has the ultimate lazy-river flow. Throwing in adlibs left and right, his combination of subtle humor wrapped in a layer of wordplay makes a lot of Top-40 rappers sound elementary by comparison. Big Boi comes guns blazing. Not pausing for a breath, Big Boi’s Usain Bolt verse comes and goes before you know it. The paced beat gives both the canvas for their very different styles of painting, but at the end of the day the two combine to create one of the smoothest jams around.

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