Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jorge & Alexa Narvaez-Home (Cover)

Anyone who has read this blog knows our love for Ed Sharpe and his merry band, and we have written about the original, a remix, and as a bonus, a great track off of their newer iTunes sessions. Well add another cover to that list.

This father/daughter combo is too cute. The original went viral overnight, and now has almost 4 million hits leading to an invite to the Ellen DeGeneres show where they performed/melted icy hearts in the audience and worldwide. What I loved was that the little girl was way more interested in hugging and saying hi to the audience rather than the Barbie car. For such a young kid, she can also belt it, and the dad clearly has a black belt in whistling. The two sound great but most importantly look like they're having fun. The original jam is so touching and warm that I'm glad its gotten the recognition it deserves leading to more exposure and people around the world whistling (and singing) away.

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