Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot Chip-Slush

When I first started listening to this song I thought it was a joke-a guy breathily going through some scales over a piano melody. The scales continue, the piano keeps playing, but after a minute or so, the song slapped me in the face, immediately waking me up and making me realize: this is the jam.

A complex and beautiful song, "Slush" is hauntingly nostalgic. Mixing a realization of past wrongs with a hope to make them right in the future, Hot Chip nail a complete sound with this song. Over six and a half minutes it progresses through different movements, slowly putting the emotion of longing (with all its confusion) to music. "Slush" is vague enough that it allows us to fill in the blanks ourselves, while having enough meaning to not be just words. It plays the line tight sometimes, but that just adds to its appeal as we listen to it teetering precariously on an edge of a cliff. This is the Kinder Egg of jams, each time it holds something new to surprise you, from the very first second to its 389th.

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