Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jon Hopkins-Light Through The Veins

First off just wanted to welcome AMitch back to the blog. An incredible writer, Mitch also has a treasure trove of jams which he keeps hidden from most of the world. Keep checking back for dope write-ups from the Mitch master. 

My iTunes playlists rotate all the time, but other than a few playlists for this blog, the one that gets the most love is my sleepy playlist. Full of the mellowest of melodies, I rock the playlist something serious every time it's either time to go to bed, or when my brain needs a breather. I listen to songs for all occasions: sometimes to get me going, other times to make my walk to work fly by, but the sleepy playlist is full of jams that are my sonic siesta.

This jamandahalf is the perfect mental breather. Like pushing the snooze button, putting on this jam lets you place life on hold for a few minutes. This song moves in waves, each one building on each other until you have the musical equivalent of the supertubes at J-Bay in South Africa-the perfect ride. My favorite part of this jam comes at 6:48. After building up for a few minutes, the energy disappears, replaced by a piano that is threateningly chill, teasing you with the dream of snoozing for days. Put it on and see where it takes you. 

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