Friday, May 13, 2011

Blitz the Ambassador-Accra City Blues

For years now rappers of West-African descent have been making it big in their new countries, especially in England where rappers Dizzee Rascal and Tinie Tempah have blown up in a major way. The descendants of immigrants who left their homes to pursue a better life, they truly are the epitome of the immigrant dream: making a better life for your children than you had for yourself.

Today's jamandahalf comes from an artist that is from a place that is close to my heart, Accra, Ghana. I lived in Accra with my family for my first two years of high school and my family soon moved back after I graduated high school in the States, and have lived there since. Accra has become a second home to me, and when I found out about Blitz the Ambassador's story, I had to show some love. This jam is about this sweltering labyrinth of a city, about a city which grows and changes each time I visit, but the city which still remains Accra. Starting off rapping in the local language twi, Blitz fills the song with both visual lyrics and heavy instrumentals, with a horn section that impresses in its intensity, burning bright like the dry season sun. Whether talking about losing a woman or the city that raised him, Blitz's lyrics reflect a loss of something that he will never get back. Moving to the US to study at Kent State, Blitz found his true home as a rapper, and recently released his latest album, Native Son. This track shows Blitz looking back while still moving forward, not forgetting where he is from, but moving on to continue to make unique, quality music like this track.

 06 Accra City Blues 2 by jamand1/2

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