Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bon Iver-Towers

Most music fans have a funny relationship with the music industry. Bloggers too. While I know it's "bad" to download music illegally and yadayada, it's hard to compete against a product which comes out earlier and costs nothing. To find a middle ground though I have decided to do two things: see as many live shows, and if I really like an album, I'll buy it. Just like I try on a pair of jeans before I buy them, I also will almost always "try out" an album before I spend my hard earned euros/dollas on it, you know, just to see how it fits.

Bon Iver's newest album, also titled Bon Iver, is definitely a must-buy. Above all, the album is masterly crafted. Listening to it through is an experience and the only way to get a feel for all its complexity. Seemingly taking cues from his new buddy Kanye, Bon Iver has created something that can, and should, be listened to on many different levels. Following up an album like For Emma, Forever Ago, a classic that meant so many different things to so many different people, is always tough, but with this new one Bon Iver both managed to exceed all my expectations while continuing to push their sound forward. A track that shows this off is "Towers." While not nearly the most intricate or dense song on the album, it immediately places a Macho Man Randy Savage headlock on your attention, and doesn't release it until three minutes eight seconds later. The entire album is a seamless fusion of folk and electronica and that's noticeable here, where he plays the two off each other to create something that has its roots in old-timey jams but also is unmistakably modern. Buy Bon Iver

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