Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble -War

There are a few songs that you know are going to be jams the moment they come on. This is one of them. The last show we caught on Saturday night was the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble from Chicago. The nine member band right away has a mindblowing fact-eight of the nine are brothers. What? Yea. But other than quickly pondering how that was possible, I spent the rest of the concert just spent moving. Right away they let the know the crowd what they were in for, and came out the gates trying to make sure that everyone spent their last reservoirs of energy grooving the last night away. Framed by a beautiful old church tucked away among the back alleys of Caceres, the walls did their best to echo the beautiful, energetic symphony created by the Chicago crew. While a brass band obviously poses its own sonical limitations, their sound never lost its freshness throughout the concert, and mixing in crowd checks, rapping, and solos, the band kept the audience ready to hear what was next. With recent features with Mos Def and the Gorillaz, this band has been recently getting the love they deserve. And with shows as alive as the one on Saturday, and with jamandahalfs like "War" they will be making more fans like myself the world over.

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