Monday, May 9, 2011

Loch Lomond-Wax and Wire

This song moves to its own drummer. The Portland based band (named after the largest lake in Great Britain) always seems to hold a musical surprise for you. With lyrics possibly conveying messages ranging from death to a bad breakup, "Wax and Wire" juxtaposes its at times dark lyrics with playful harmonies and sound-effects. Harmonies run rampant throughout this jam, both vocal and musical, and it moves in ebbs and flows, flirting with normality until something different comes in to keep you on your toes. With intricately orchestrated jams that come as close to modern symphonies as anything you'll find out there, each ten seconds seems to try and impress you, while bringing the next surprise before you have time to even think about getting bored.

 05 Wax and Wire by jamand1/2

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