Thursday, May 5, 2011

Party Supplies-We Used To Wait (Remix)

Every dope party needs only two essential ingredients: good people, and great music. That's it, everything else is just superfluous. Without either one of those two, your party can only go so far.

Enter Justin Nealis aka Party Supplies. The one man artist from New York is currently continuing to build a buzz across the blogosphere with his takes on some of the best songs from the last year or two. Each of his remixes is stripped down to the bare necessities of the song, the identifying elements which make that song unique. Party Supplies takes those aspects and flips them, undeniably creating one of the two necessary ingredients of a great party. With a name like his, it's no surprise what he's after, and his name tells no lie. While immediately identifiable, the remixes of Party Supply have a different feel from others that seem to only change a thing or two about the original. Party Supplies take the originals and breaks them into fragments, eventually creating a stained glass reconstruction, bits and pieces here and there coming together to create something new and wholly awesome. Enjoy the three song sampler below and  two brand videos of Party Supplies making his tracks live.

 Party Supplies by jamand1/2

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