Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amos Lee-El Camino

Combined between the Moodawg (who is taking a sabbatical of epic proportions from this blog) and myself, Amos Lee is probably the artist we've listened to the most who hasn't appeared on these pages. With a discography full of mellow jams that slightly tiptoe the overly sappy line, Amos Lee is great mood music and even better thinking music. Amos is definitely an artist that you either love or hate, either you embrace the cheesiness like Bobby from the Goofy Movie, or you're terrified at knowledge of our slightly suspect taste of music. His newest album dropped today, and it is what you would expect from Amos. And that's a great thing.

"El Camino" is the first single from Mission Bell, and continues in the lineage of a lot of Amos's earlier work. With his mesmerizing voice, Amos talks with his impeccable honesty about making a journey, starting a trip to an unknown destination. Tinged with regret but forever looking forward, this song is a poignant look at what it really means to move on. "El Camino" also reflects the slightly more Western feel of the album, borrowing from influences such as the trumpets on this track to the Willie Nelson guest-spot on the "reprise" to this jam. 

Some artists nail a sound perfectly, stick to it, and make great, unique, music. Amos does exactly that.

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