Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ween - Ocean Man

Yo whats up friends, after an extended hiatus Im back with some funky jams from my wanderings.  I want to thank everybody that kept the Jam alive especially Big Leks, the heartbeat of the blog, and also Mitch, and Sina.  I love the support of the readers and Im stoked to be back.  Ween is a band that has been gettin down since the mid 80s but that Ive only started to get into real recently.  The thing I love most about them is the diversity of their sound.  These cats have put out a ton of music and none of it sounds the same.  From 70s rock to funk, and from pop to punk you can hear so many styles in their music that they are simply impossible to define.  The best I can do is weird...really fucking weird.  But theyve got a bunch of dope songs.  Gabriel (which I coulda sworn was Thin Lizzy) and Voodoo Lady are two of my favorites, but for me you cant beat Ocean Man.

Like many things in life I cant quite say what it is that makes me like this jammer.  Whatever it is though, I dig it.  Theres something about that funky voice and light melody that makes me feel like Im at a suboceanic shakedown.  Throw in a twangy guitar rift and goofy breakdown and you got yourself a super jam.  Im not sure what the lyrics mean or who this ocean man may be, but I am sure that this is a jam.

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