Friday, February 25, 2011

Janelle Monae-Faster

In some ways, Janelle Monae epitomizes the purpose of this blog. Her debut album, The ArchAndroid, shows a love of music, of music that transcends genre boundaries, and her album can be seen in some ways as a celebration of music. While I don't think every single track on her album is great, her bravery to embrace experimentation, her lack of fear of getting funky, is something that all music lovers can be happy about.

A standout track on ArchAndroid is "Faster," a riotous record which exhibits Monae's take on soul. Like its title suggests, this jamandahalf just moves, beating with an impatient energy. Monae never lets the song linger, never lets it get stale. At around the 1:55 mark, the song puts on its dancing shoes, moving into a schizophrenic call and response with a chorus and a robot, with Monae asking if she's a weirdo or a hero. Luckily for us she's somewhere in the middle, her music a result of flirting with both adjectives, along with many many others.

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