Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ben Harper & The Relentless 7-Eldorado

Ben Harper is an artist that you have to appreciate. Seemingly never content to stick around any given genre for too long, Harper gets his Hindu god on, and has appeared in various reincarnations over the years: with the Innocent Criminals, the Relentless 7, the Blind Boys of Alabama, and his most recent project, Fistful of Mercy. As a music fan this is incredibly refreshing: seeing an artist explore the limits of his talents, seeing him tackle new styles and influences.

While the majority of Harper's music is unique, his instrumentals are just magic. Like "The Three of Us," "Eldorado" is a showcase of the emotions that an instrument can have. With a drum and keyboard keeping pace, Harper once again shows us his virtuoso slide guitar skills. Each note rings with supreme confidence, each measure feels wholesome and full. The song meanders along, sonically rich yet simple enough to be a reflection of how you are feeling, easily alternating between being pensive, joyous, and melancholy. In a music scene that seems to reward fitting in as much sound into each song as possible, this is a stark contrast, and a novel idea, letting the instruments speak for themselves.

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