Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cut Copy-Need You Now

This song drips with '80s influence. The '80s never really seem to die when it comes to music, with each year bringing new artists and bands who revisit the decade, each time falling back on a different part of the 80's aesthetic. Cut Copy in their new album, Zonoscope, present a sample platter of '80s sounds, leaving it up to the listener to decide which ones they take, which they come back for seconds, and which they leave on the platter.

After listening to Zonoscope something heavy for the past day or so, "Need You Now" is the song that seems to not want to leave me alone. Like one of my students here in Spain who shouts "A-lek-sis" every time he sees me walking down the halls, this song has found a way to pop up out of nowhere, consistently. I can't decide what it is about this jam won't let me go. The over minute-long intro sets the mood perfectly leading into the heart of the song with its fast tempo juxtaposing the melancholy lyrics. The beat leaves itself as a canvas for your funkiest dance moves-upbeat enough to let you experiment, slow enough that it won't drown you in BPM. The icing on top of this '80s love fest pie is the layers of sound effects, many popping out of nowhere, intent to not miss another second of the party.

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