Monday, February 14, 2011

Slaughterhouse-Move On

Quick question. Who is the best rapper of all time? I'll put all the change in my pocket on the fact that not all of you reading this answered the same thing (my pick-Andre 3000). That simple question has spawned books, albums, one liners, and an endless debate amongst hiphopheads the world over. 

Another quick question? Who is the best rap group right now? And by right now, I mean, relevant as a group today. That one took a little longer to think of. After the demise of both the rap super-group (The Firm, for example) the all star rap posse (Rocafella, G-Unit etc), and the hiatus of the two best groups to ever do it (Outkast and Wu), the trophy for the world's best rap group is up for the taking. My pick: Slaughterhouse. 

On "Move On" the four horseman of Slaughterhouse prove that they are, as individuals and as a group, exceedingly talented. Sporting distinct styles and flows, each one reflecting where they are from, the group never has sounded better than on this track. Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce da 5'9'', and Crooked I are an unlikely team, the anti Lebron-DWade-CBosh. As rappers who have had solid careers so far but never quite reached a wider audience, they find harmony together, balancing each other out perfectly. Each one drops a gem of a verse, no doubt motivated by another quick question: who has the most fire verse on "Move On"? Addressing their turbulent pasts, this song is both a biography of where they have been as solo artists and a group, and a shining example of where they, and rap, can go. 

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