Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ryan Leslie-Gibberish

There are few things I like more on the blogosphere than opening up this site and seeing a post from the Moodawg. These pages have missed your words, and lack of apostrophes. 

To aid all of you out there with your Valentine's Day adventures, I present the ultimate Valentine's Day 2011 Playlist, this jamandahalf.

For anyone who has ever seen Planet Earth, you know you need a extra special something to get with that girl you've been eying for a few weeks, or to melt your lady's hearts all over again. While humans lack feathers to flutter flirtatiously or horns to stab the air in a very macho manner, we do have something that never fails-funky dance moves. Here's what you have to do. Put on "Gibberish."  Snap your fingers to the beat. Nod your head to bass. Fight the urge to laugh at the, well, gibberish. Start doing a funky two-step. Start sliding over to the lady of your choice. Pull her close. Look into her eyes. Start making up words (everything works). If you've done it right so far, she should be yours by the time the first horns drop.

"Gibberish" is brilliant. While this jam is extra light on actual words, it captures a feeling perfectly. Like an R&B Sigur Ros, on this song Ryan Leslie bypasses traditional ways of making music (ie. words) and goes straight for the sounds which illustrate the emotions. It makes sense on a primal level-when I'm mad, I yell. When I'm happy I laugh. When I'm at concerts I make strange bird calls (learned from the birdcall master himself, Moodawg). Words only explain feelings, sounds express them. And this is the funkiest collection of sounds which has ever existed, and the only song you should need tomorrow.

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