Thursday, October 14, 2010

Andre 3Stacks-The Most Mysterious Man In Music

Any long time reader of this blog will know of our love of Outkast. From "Player's Ball" to "Shine Blockas," Outkast (it will forever be Outkast) jams have always found their way onto our playlists and these pages. I think quality has something to do with it. Outkast is probably the most consistent rap group of all time, and despite not having put out an album in seven years, the two have commanded an permanent place on the music scene that is almost unheard of. Big Boi, after years of false starts and label squabbles, put out arguably (and I'm arguing) the best rap album of the year. By far. And 3000 has turned into a hermit, living underground like a Chilean miner, emerging from time to time, but unlike the 33 brave souls, has decided that the light is too bright, and takes that lunar capsule back underground.

From time to time though, Andre decides to bless a track with some magic. Although some of his choices may never be explained (Ciara? Really?), 3000 returns every few months, perhaps trying to prove that he still has it. Maybe he gets bored doing whatever he's doing. Maybe he's recording nonstop but is tired of the limelight. Whatever his reason may be, Dre comes back and in one verse remind us that he is the best rapper alive. These three verses, from three different songs which have leaked/been recently in the past few months, prove that.

Chris Brown-Deuces Remix (Feat. Kanye West, Drake, Andre 3000)

The most recent Dre verse, on the star studded remix to a Chris Brown song, is like having a burrito from Santana's after being away from California for a while. Dre's verse both reminds you of what you've been missing, and how great a Dre verse is. On his minute long verse, an eternity these days, Dre does what he does best, tells stories. Commanding the sparse beat with his flow, Dre's continuously changing rhyme pattern is an exhibit in Hip Hop 101. On this one verse, 3Stacks proves that he's still light years ahead of everyone.

Andre 3000 Deuces Remix Verse ( by jamand1/2

Lookin' 4 Ya

On a track that was supposed to be on Big Boi's album, Dre spits a light hearted verse that still manages to school most new rap. Some label bullshit: Big Boi signed to Def Jam to release his first solo album because Outkast's longtime label, Arista, felt his aforementioned debut album was too artsy. Dre was supposed to be on a few tracks, but because having the two on a track would make it an "Outkast" track, which Arista "owns," Big Boi had to scratch jams like this one, and a classic like
that one. Luckily for us, a fairy "leaked" this song, and the two sound so good together, it makes a man wonder why they don't go independent and pull a Radiohead. With such a devoted following and longstanding presence on the scene, Outkast could easily pull it off, and could lead a revolution that could shake the music industry. I'm down.

Andre 3000 Lookin 4 Ya Verse ( by jamand1/2

I Do

This track,
rumored to be a verse from Young Jeezy's oft delayed TM103, sounds like vintage Dre. A verse about a "heavy praying woman," "I Do" feels almost like an "International Players Anthem Pt. 2." Dre's ability to switch his flow to match any beat is evident, as well as making rapping about anything seem cool, even having a nerdy daughter that "loves books, and cooks, and looks, just like you."

Andre 3000-I Do ( by jamand1/2

Like Dave Chappelle's spot as the funniest man alive is his until someone takes it (John Stewart is creeping fast), Andre's spot is there waiting for him. But he doesn't take it. But to keep us wanting more, he drops gems like these three. Dre is my favorite rapper of all time, and until someone takes his crown, he's the best rapper alive.

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