Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Poppers

I've discovered new bands in a lot of ways-sometimes friends email me songs, other times my favorite blogs drop knowledge. The Poppers are the only band that I can say that I found looking for a church.

I was in Caceres, Spain for my orientation, and a few other language assistants and I decided to go have a beer after day 1 of our orientation. Caceres has an amazing old city-walking along its cobblestoned streets takes you back to medieval times, with incredibly large stork nests keeping sentry over its windy paths. Our group was headed home, but I wanted to see just a little bit more of the old town at night, especially the old church. After making it, we heard very loud and very live music bouncing off of its walls. Like a bum drawn to a warm fire, I was entranced, and immediately got to work convincing my sleepy group that checking out where music is coming from is always a good idea. We took a corner and stumbled upon a mini rock concert in a small plaza bordered by two churches. And that's how I discovered The Poppers. 

Hailing from Lisbon, Portugal, the Poppers have a sound that reminds me quite a bit of Franz Ferdinand mixed with a little White Stripes. While I'm not the biggest fan of the genre, the Poppers played with an unyielding relentless energy, as if they were convinced that every fan had to walk out of the small show saying to themselves, "man, that was good." And that's what we all did. Their lead singer (second from the left) has some serious star power, and had some die-hard fans in the front singing along to each word. For the majority of us, it was impossible to not bob our heads to their furious pace of their music and be immensely impressed. 

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