Monday, October 25, 2010

Cunninlynguists-Mic Like A Memory

The stark honesty of this jamandahalf is almost unrivaled in any song I can think of. I'm going to admit right now, I've slept on Cunninlynguists something heavy. With a discography that seems like it's filled with introspective hip hop cased in a Southern shell, I feel like I should have been playing this group for years. My loss.

In this surprising jam off of their 2001 debut, Will Rap For Food, the trio from Lexington, Kentucky and Atlanta weave tales of self doubt, personal struggles with drugs and depression, and tragedy over a beat jazzier than Salt Lake City's finest. Mix in a Common sample, and you got a hard hitting tale that in the end manages to be inspiring. Kno (the group's producer) mixes in a trumpet loop that is both invigorating yet haunting, at the same time reflecting the song's dark tales while keeping its triumphant spirit. What "Mic Like A Memory" is all about is finding oneself, whether it be through your family, through your friends, or like Deacon's confessional verse, through music. With three heavy verses that show off lyrical dexterity, tight flows, and an honesty that is rare in modern music, Cunninlynguists show off the skills that you've either known for years, or like me, you've been sorely missing. 

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