Wednesday, October 13, 2010

UGK-One Day

As Southern as a dinner of that good old Florida BBQ from Big Al’s BBQ trailer in Gainesville, Florida, accented by the sound of chirping crickets and taken down easy with some sweet tea, UGK was among the first Southern groups to hit the national stage. And like groups such as Outkast, Goodie Mobb, and the Ghetto Boys, UGK cooked up jams with a conscious streak, jams that had one ear to the classics of Motown and another to the streets. UGK’s sound maintains a down-home feel that has stood the test of time since they first dropped their debut album,
Too Hard To Swallow in 1996, and continued to grow for the next 11 years until Pimp C’s untimely death in 2007.

UGK has jams. While not as consistent as Outkast or Goodie Mobb, when UGK drop a jamandahalf, you know it’s serious.
This serious. But although my two favorite duos this side of Simon & Garfunkel got funky together on that classic, no other UGK song fully exhibits their uniqueness like “One Day.” From Pimp C’s opening line, “My mamma put me out/at only fooourteen” to the final loop of the dope Isley Bro’s sample, the song's bare-knuckled honesty hits hard, but is weathered by the undeniable smoothness of the guitar chords and the sugary vocals of the Isleys. And although Pimp C and Bun B always sound good together, the two have never sounded better than they do on this track, trading verses about growing up with nothing, and living without knowing what the next day will bring. A true classic. Enjoy.

UGK - One Day Your Here, Then Your Gone ( by jamsfordays

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