Thursday, October 7, 2010

AZ feat. Nas - How You Livin

Yo its been a minute since my last post and I wanna thank all the readers and contributors and especially Big Leks for keepin the website super irie. Fortunately, I have been spending my time trolling through the past, fishing for jams...and jams I have found. When I first heard "How You Livin" drivin down the freeway, hand out the window, warm breeze accompanying the setting sun, I knew it was a classic. Didnt have to hear the words, I could feel the nostalgia building as the flow and beat intertwined into a vibe that I knew was golden. Its not so much the lyrics or the content, its a kind of euphoric feeling intrinsic in the track. And though I didnt do anything to deserve it, I felt like I was on top of the world, right there next to AZ and Nas.

These two cats knew how to make a hit, and they did it all the time. From the hip hop legacy of "Life's a Bitch" off Illmatic to their days chillin with Foxy Brown at The Firm, AZ and Nas were two masters who loved to get together to shoot the gift. Its no wonder that when they got back together on another L.E.S. beat (same dude who produced Life's a Bitch, not to mention
Gettin Jiggy With It) it was gonna be gold. Its got the same smoothness of a Warren G/Nate Dogg jammer with unreal rhymes. No one will ever doubt the AZ flow, but the complexity of the words he rhymes boggles my mind, at least 2, sometimes 3 syllables. AZs second verse is pure intellectual fire, and Nas is always up to par, be sure to check the lyrics while you listen. The whole jam is a celebration of what their skills have brought them, and you can feel the success in a way that lyrics cant convey. You can hear it in the sound. The sound of a classic.

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