Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Few More From The JamandaHalf Family

Gotta keep the posts coming. Here are jams that we've had sent in to us from all types of places lately. Keep them coming everyone. 


One of JamandaHalf's favorite rappers, we have been lucky enough to see Anthem three different times-opening the March 3rd concert, flowing for what seemed like an eternity at the officially unofficial post show with music by Dougie Fresh and the Funky Bunch, and his "MTV Unplugged" like show at the Hip Kitty, a bar in Claremont. Anthem is not only a rapper with serious, serious flow, but he also has ingenious wordplay, a message, and is just an overall good dude. Prepping his new mixtape, hosted by DJ Whoo Kid, Anthem drops this short gem. Showing off a fire and confidence that was absent on some of his earlier tracks, Anthem will have my eternal respect for dropping "vuvuzela" on a track. Great little taste of what's coming from him. Follow Anthem on Twitter

 Anthem - Inception ( by jamand1/2 

Windy City Gentleman-Good Old Friend

Windy City Gentleman is an LA based solo artist who contacted us a little while back. His debut album China White dropped recently, and I had a chance to check out this up and coming rocker. It's hard to put a finger on WCG's music. Mixing genres and effects, sometimes it might seem that his music is a little too scattered. But in reality,WCG is just showcasing his talent across different styles of music, not limiting himself to a particular sound. My favorite is the Eddie Vedder-esque "Good Old Friend." Heavy on folk, this jam is a great song to mellow to, and is the perfect track to reminisce about the past times. Check him out here. With his emails, WCG would end with a line that I loved, and wanted to share: Don't die with your music still in youHaven't read truer words in the longest. Thanks for getting in touch with us WCG.

 Windy City Gentleman-Good Old Friend ( by jamand1/2

Jeff Spec-Clyde Stubblefield

Jeff Spec is a Vancouver based rapper that has been updating us on the moves he is making. He recently dropped this track (video here), and I'm feeling it. Over a pounding bass line, this track sounds almost as if Jeff and a band were playing it live in my headphones. With a old-school feel, Jeff Spec feels at home on this, and although it only clocks in at a short 2:26, the track perfectly captures a sound of an era while adding some modern touches. Check him out here.

 Jeff Specs-Clyde Stubblefield ( by jamand1/2

Zion I & K. Flay: Coastin'

This track was sent to us by our good buddy, Johnny Kathmandu. Like his funky Nepalese/Belgian background, Johnny KTM's musical knowledge is diverse, and he keeps sending us juicer jams than the burgers at Island Vibe Hostel in Jbay . Zion I is one of the most underrated duos in the game right now. Consistently dropping quality songs, Zion I has on my radar since "Lose Your Head" had me going dumb a few years back. What has always impressed me about their music is their sonical diversity. While I originally pegged them as just another hyphie group, Zion I keeps bringing new sounds and styles to the table, include this jamandahalf, a fun and uplifting song about living too good. Loving this track right now.

 Zion I-Coastin' ( by jamand1/2

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  1. love the post bro! put a smile on my face. hope you enjoy the jams! peace and love from brussels


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