Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Great Jamandahalf Blackout

As promised, to try and make up for our downtime, here are videos I discovered during the Great JamandaHalf Blackout of 2010.


This could be the craziest video I've ever seen-it looks like a cross between the wildest claymation ever created, and the Sims 5: Coachella Edition. Taken during Coachella this year, and using an effect known as tilt-motion, the video really captures the whole feel of the incredible festival, from the people celebrating just being at the festival, to the waiting on the grass, the energy of the shows, to the at-times bizarre juxtaposition of the art exhibitions with the green grass and desert night sky. While it all felt so normal then, looking back at it makes me realize how strange it really was. Strangely magical. (Watch in full screen HD for the best effect)

Phish Shreds

While Moodawg has opened my mind to some really great genres and bands that I never would have heard or liked otherwise, he's never been able to get me to fully appreciate jam bands and their 15 minute long instrumental movements that take longer to finish than AMitch brushing his teeth. It's a mental blockade I got, an impatience that won't let me fully appreciate a Grateful Dead show. I've tried, trust me, and have sat through many Dead Shows on dvd and vhs at strange hours of the night. So although I realize that musically bands like the Dead and Phish are incredible, they're just not me. And that's why I think this video, one of a series where this guy makes legends of music sound really really off, is hilarious.

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