Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dancing in the Rain

This has been making the rounds of the blogosphere, and I think it's definitely worth watching. Just a video about 4 guys doing what they love in the rain. What struck me about this is the poetry of their unscripted movements. At its best, the four seem to be making fun of every law of physics. It's hard not to pick a favorite, and I think dude in the white shirt kills it, but combined their efforts are just mind blowing. The dancers get a strange mix of breaking and krumping going, with even a little ballet mix in, but whatever you call it, all I know is that there was beautiful art being made on that street corner in Oakland that day.


  1. Back after a while and I'm glad to see that the posting is going on a steady routine these days. Always liked this blog due to the different song-selections accompanying well-written articles not found on every other blog!

    Keep it going!

    (A Reader!)

  2. Hey Reader!

    Thanks for getting in touch with us. Yea, after a long hiatus we're back and trying to keep the jams coming. Thanks for your kind words, and if you ever want to get involved and write a post, feel free.



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